Put things into scale


Enter a statistic in the box at left, then click go to get that number in perspective.

Hover over the text to see how the perspective was derived. There is an attempt to discover meaningful perspectives based on your specific number, so you are more likely to receive some analogies over others.

The slider adjusts how hard we should try to get a meaningful analogy. Slide it to the right, and there will be less noise, and you're more likely to get an interesting perspective. Slide it to the left to try less hard.

For each category, there are many different combinations possible (based on the number of facts in the system):

Sometimes it is hard to understand just how big a number is until it is put in perspective. This came up for me when I had to present the number 1.2 trillion, and I needed a way to put the number into perspective.

Have ideas for more things to include here? Let me know!

PS: I found this tool which is way cool after I finished this project, but I'm still leaving this here...